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For Coven And Crown


Adult Dark Fantasy Romance - Enemies to Lovers


     When demons bring death and destruction to the Witch Realm, Queen Ravenna is forced to take drastic action to save her coven. Hungry and desperate, the coven crosses into the dangerous territory of the Human Realm to steal food from the nearby village. Only a worse fate awaits them there. 

     Ravenna is captured and taken to the Capitol to answer for her crimes. When the witch queen meets the arrogant, yet frustatingly handsome human king, she is offered a choice. Help him find a way to stop the demons from destroying both their realms, or face the noose. 

     With years of distrust and hatred between their people, they must learn to work together to save their realms. But as time goes on, and they are no closer to learning how to stop the demons, the lines between their loyalties begin to blur. Feelings deepen as the two enemies struggle to maintain their allegiances, battle their pride, and seek out answers that seem impossible to find. 

     Can the king and the witch queen learn to trust one another? Or will their distrust destroy them both, along with the demons who grow into a more unstoppable threat each day?

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